Cartomancy is a very popular form of divination using cards and card decks.

While Tarot and Oracle are two of the more-practiced forms, you can use any form of deck or cards to derive meaning with the proper intent.  From Pop Culture decks to artistic playing cards and casino cards, this page has all spreads that are derivative of cartomancy (outside of Tarot and Oracle readings).


Traditional Playing Cards are based on Tarot, though they take away the Major Arcana.  They are a very elementally-driven style of reading, taking many underlying themes to the elements as a way to consider differing themes for more detailed and 'exact' readings.  It is a very popular form of subtle divination for those that practice in secret.


The Clow is a specific 'Oracle' deck that is geared from Card Captor Sakura!  With many cards holding different meanings and no official interpretations, it relies on my intuitive impressions on the energies of the cards and how they have picked to appear.  The Clow has been enhanced with energy from the sun, and The Sakura has been enhanced with energy from the moon.  The Clow has a tendency to be more aggressive in its readings, while The Sakura is far more subtle in its answers.  There is an option to use both decks, which can give you the full spectrum of answers, but selecting one or the other will also grant a very unique answer with beautiful cards.