The realm of Krolynn is a newer realm that was introduced to me through its creator god, the Life-Granter.


It is still in the early stages of life, creatures and beasts living harmoniously with none above the others in power.  There are lush green forests, mild predators, meek and bold packs of herbivores, and many water-based entities among its many lifeforms.  The world of Krolynn changes rapidly, new creatures abounding each time I visit.


With the world still young, there is always something new or different, and this page will be constantly updated.



He is the main creator god of Krolynn.  He is a dark, powerful entity that is neither good nor evil.  He lives to see his land grow, no longer strictly at his hand.  He stands neutral, watching the fall and rise of those he has created and constantly making something new.  He takes a lot of inspiration from our realm, and many of the creatures he has created are reminiscent of the creatures that abound here.


Although dark in appearance, he is surprisingly warm in energy.  He is intelligent and very attentive to detail.  He can determine when something has moved - be it small or large - over the course of time he has been away from an area.  He rarely does more than note or mention it to find the new placement.  He is a bit quirky, very invested in seeing what humanity's "free will" has wrought without openly caring or influencing mankind because he is extremely amused by what we do naturally.

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He is one of the two twins that comprise day and night.  He represents the day, and all things that follow from the light side of energy.  This doesn't make him inherently 'good', as he takes a more neutral role.  He is a guardian of sorts, always there watching over the land and everything light, no matter the time.


He is very light and warm in energy, motivational and kind.  He is mostly serene, with a very gentle presence that can easily be overlooked.  He is very social, enjoying interactions with others.  All that the light touches in the world of Krolynn feels his love and his grace.  His power is very subtle, not keen to overthrow whoever may be nearby or make it more difficult for those you are already connecting with.  His appearance is warm and light, reflecting his personality and energy very well.  He likes to learn and watch everything around him, hoping for something new each day.

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He is one of the two twins that comprise day and night.  He represents night, and all things that follow from the darker side of energy.  This doesn't make him inheretly 'evil', as he takes a more neutral role.  He is an observer, very standalone in the world of Krolynn.  He doesn't seem to find interest in life itself, but rather actions taken by those around him.


His energy is dark and intense, and to those who aren't accustomed to his presence, his heavy power can feel almost chilling.  He stays to the edges of any social situation, only interacting if he must becuase he prefers to stay away from others.  His focus is on the self, and his own power and improvement.  He is generally very quiet and contemplative, granting him an "aloof" appearance at most times when he's thinking.  He will avoid large gatherings to retreat home where he can read or do something that he finds a personal draw to.

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She is the goddess that makes the land bear flowers, crops, and all nature of plant life.  Her energy is that of a warm breeze, bringing light and prosperity wherever she touches.  She is very associated with the nature of Krolynn, and is the immortal provider to all life forms.  Her purpose is solely to help others.


She is a light, cheerful entity whose energy is serene and ever uplifting.  She represents purity and innocense, blooming and renewing after the harvest wind.  She loves to believe in each being having an innocent quality and the ability to renew themselves to where they came from.  As flowers bloom each spring, so can every living creature in her world and others.  She sees beauty in the darkest of corners, and is all-around a vibrantly good, loving person.  She connects easily with everything around her, seeing one's soul beared before her in its most pure state of honesty.

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He is the god that cools the realm and alerts the inhabitants that it is time for them to gather their crops so that they may brave the cold of 'darkseason.'  His power sweeps over the land, withering flowers and crops that they retreat until the blooming breeze returns.


He is a cold, cynical god who sees and accepts the world as it is - the good and the bad.  His energy is cool and refreshing, very subtle compared to most of his brethren.  He understands the nature of things, and why things are the way that they are.  He brings a sort of balance, for while he warns of the oncoming darkseason, he also brings an end to the bloomseason.  He is not very celebrated in his realm for he is a dark omen, but he is also not disrespected.  He claims to understand this fear and does not blame mortals for fearing that which is beyond their control.  He is the one that brings an end to what cannot stay forever.

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She is known best as the beast monger.  She creates and rules over the many wild beasts of the realm, connecting with them through their primal instincts.  She holds a strong understanding of the cycle of life, and why some creatures die for others to survive, and why everything in the cycle must, eventually, die to maintain the proper order of the world.


Her energy is fierce, that of a hunter.  She dons the furs of the first of each creature ever created, hunting and living with the strongest predators in her realm.  She is not good, nor is she evil.  She is associated with the beasts she creates, and acts much like them.  She holds a deep respect and love for the animals she governs, and wouldn't have it any other way.  She is hailed as a hero, as she does keep the creatures of her realm from losing control while also maintaining a very careful ecosystem throughout the darkseason.

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He is the most feared god in the realm, despite being the youngest.  He collects the souls of those that have passed from whatever cause - darkseason, starvation, murder.  He is very subtle in all that he does, associated with his realm under the surface of Krolynn.  He does not often appear to mortals, not caring for the company of the living.


His energy is cold to the living, and sent a shiver up my spine in our first few meetings.  Interaction is very limited when he's anywhere nearby the living.  He is quiet in the presence of mortals, as he believes them to cling too much to what they know.  He is a strong representative of the unknown, and while many do not strive to know him, he is not altogether cold to those that would try.  He likes to learn, and is very subtle in presence so as to be able to get closer to whatever he is focused on at that time in particular.

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