The Aegis Angel is all about protection and defense.  She bolsters your wards, defensive magic, and defensive team with her magic and energy, and is very aware of whenever anything has been tampered with.  She is a great servitor to work with if you feel that there are negative things all around you and you need that extra security.  She doesn’t take over, and generally sticks to the background, but is a great asset to boost your own wards and defensive abilities.

Aegis Angel Servitor

  • She is rather stoic in personality, not giving anything away.  She is mute, and refuses to talk, In spite of that, her energy is cool and serene.  Everything about her is a bit chilled, though not necessarily in a bad way.  She is very considerate of her duties and will not shoulder all responsibility.  After all, she recognizes that she is not the most powerful being that ever existed.