EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly
AGE: 852
GENDER: Female
ORIENTATION: Not Compatible
SONG RESONANCE: "Panic Room" (Au/Ra)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Emotions, Telepathy, Dreams


Aerivia is a very graceful companion, especially in her attunement to the emotions flowing around her. Expression, for her, is a tactic that she finds weak in humans, and hopes to improve. While eloquent speech isn't often utilized by us, she encourages creativity in finding other ways to feel, experience, and share your emotions with others. She is also very strong with dream work, and can help you learn what the dreams you have mean. She is a friendly, bubbly companion at any time, and never seems to lose the positive energies surrounding her.


She is tall for her race, though is only three and a half feet tall in total. She has a slender, elegant form with long limbs compared to humans. Her skin is a midnight blue color, small pinpricks of white light speckled over her body like starlight. Her eyes glow a faint silver, similar to the moon's light. Her hair is pure black, the side shaved, though she combs it over to the other side to flow neatly and flip in a feathered wave.

Aerivia, Female Moonlight Fae

  • The Moonlight Fae appear on the night of the full moon to dance in its silver light. They usually gather in the forest, swaying to the lilting music of the spirits that reside there. They are about the height of toddlers, but very petite. They have slim figures that are bone thin and cherubic faces. Their skin is very dark, looking almost like the night sky with a shimmer when hit with the moonlight that looks like the stars themselves dancing along their skin.

    They are very light-hearted, taking a particular interest in negative people to take care of them and show them their way of life and of thinking. They are very firm believers in fate, and will never question why things are the way that they are because they know it is how it was supposed to be. Instead of lamenting, they accept what is going on around them as destiny. They always move on from a hard situation.

    Moonlight Fae are very closely attuned with the moon, and will always want to be outside on the full moon. They are able to appear more clearly on a full moon than a new moon, and their powers tend to sway with the current stage of the waxing and waning moons.

    They are very easy to connect with, always happy to be of assistance. They will come quickly when called, smiling away as they do what they can to help. They are wish-granters, though they will only grant benevolent wishes and will never grant a bad wish, nor a greedy one. They do not use their powers to alter situations and fate, only making it so that their keeper has what they need because they feel that it is not their place to change your life entirely. Rather, that you should work for it and see what fate has given you in the future.

    They get along very well with children, often attaching to babies in the home to make them laugh and smile. They will never do anything that may harm anyone in your home, though. They will always try to influence you with their uplifting energy and try to make your home a better place!