EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 319
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "Dulaman" (Celtic Woman)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Emotions, Shufflemancy

Ailbhe, Female Leannan Sidhe

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  • The Leanan Sidhe is a vampiric Fae, but not in a sanguine context. These alluring companions feed on life energy, slowly draining their human lovers of their very essence. They usually pick one human at a time, giving them the open option to have them for all of their intimate needs and companionship. During this time, through the rest of their days, the Leanan Sidhe will be their muse, granting them astounding inspiration for all of their workings. In exchange, they will feed on the human's life essence until they pass, then move on to their next lover. It has been rumored that many popular European artists have made deals with Leanan Sidhe.

    The group that I work with have been given conditions that they may not, under any circumstance, feed from their keeper or anyone their keeper has interacted with. To compromise, they have agreed to feed from plants in the area when they must. It is recommended to take in a house plant specifically for them to feed from; several have made note that potting their plant with labradorite or moss agate in the soil would be appreciated for the additional energies. As they feed from the life essence of the plant, you may need to take on multiple plants over time as they die, should you choose to dedicate plants to them.

    Should you decide to invite a Leanan Sidhe into your keep, you will find every aspect of creation you do to be easier, refreshed. They grant their keeper multiple forms of inspiration, be it for crafting, spellwork, writing, or even music and dance. They are also sensitive to energy, making them worthwhile companions to a keeper who is not as well-versed in energy work or who struggle to control empathetic abilities. They additionally seem to boost confidence, as working one on one with several Leanan Sidhe at a time or even with a singular being often leads to a spike in my self-confidence for a time.