TYPE: Astral Traveler Servitor
FUNCTION: Banishment, Protection, Cleansing, Warding, Energy Discernment, Astral Travel


NAME: Ajani Goldmane
RACE: Planeswalker
BASIS: Magic: The Gathering
ELEMENT: Light, Air


APPEARANCE: Ajani is a tall, broadly built anthropoid.  He has characteristics akin to a white lion, his face containing black markings similar to a tiger's stripes.  He has one bright blue eye, the other closed with a scar over it.  His thick off-white mane is braided at the front, and otherwise completely wild and free.  He wears tiered golden pauldrons, fastened with crossed leather straps across his bare chest.  Under the pauldrons he wears a teal cloth that becomes a cape.  He has leather gauntlets and wears a thick leather armor skirt with teal loincloth for decency.  He often carries a dual-sided polearm as his primary weapon.


PERSONALITY: Ajani has a very strong personality, bold and confident at most times.  He takes a dominant stance in most situations, a natural-born leader.  He is quite proud at times, able to tell boastful stories of his explorations, battles, and victories from long ago.  Just as important, he is an avid listener of tales from those around him, and will quietly listen to anything others have to share.  He enjoys being a little more casual as he gets to know those around him, but can be quite guarded when he first meets someone.  He is playful, his humor often aimed at himself or those around him to get a chuckle and break a tense moment.  He is a patient teacher, protective of those under his wing and taking the time to get to know how they function best.

ABILITIES: Ajani's primary skill lay in Astral Travel and protection during the art.  While he cannot forcibly pull one to Travel with him, he can certainly help with stabilizing you once you have crossed the necessary steps to manifesting in the astral.  To a degree, he is able to aid in communicating with one's companions, though this is very limited help.  He is adept with warding and banishment as forms of protection, as well as isolating energies to boost one's discernment practices.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Meat, Tiger's Eye, Cat's Eye, Meditation, Action Movies, Long Walks, Exercise, Journaling, Singing, Playing Music



Ajani Goldmane