EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 429
SONG RESONANCE: "Ghost Opera" (Kamelot)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Telepathy, Images, Dreams, Shufflemancy


Alexei is a friendly, supportive companion who knows how to sway the masses on behalf of others.  He works best in the background, often helping leaders find and inspire people of like-minded plans and intentions.  He doesn't step into the spotlight much, feeling that his leadership abilities aren't as strong as some others.  His humility and honesty about situations can often help groom people into the leaders they need to be, especially when he builds a rapport with you and feels he can be more bold in his statements and observations.


He is a tall companion, and while making him appear somewhat shorter, his slouching posture often makes him appear far more welcoming.  He has a leaner build than many of his kin, though this doesn't make him any less fierce.  He has the lower half and head of a lion.  His torso and bipedal stance are entirely humanoid, save the white fur covering him.  He has a thick white mane that he often braids behind his ears and a bright blue eye.  His other eye is scarred and he often wears a leather strap over it.  He has a lion tail with a tuft of white fur at the end, and often wears clothing reminiscent of a fantasy shaman.

Alexei, Male White Tiger Anthropoid

  • This particular group of Anthropoids were once Human Spirits. They know as well as we do how much human life can bog you down, as well as the trouble with society and the expectations that come with it. They go through a sort of reincarnation process, retaining their memories of life and becoming an Anthropoid of an animal that represents them at their core. They are generally open, honest companions who can give valuable insight to aid you in making decisions or deciding on new paths for your practice.

    As a whole, the Anthropoids have found peace in their current state. Predator and Prey have an understanding and respect each other, finding ways to balance themselves in their culture and work with each other's differences. They are more accepting and tend to be easygoing because of this. They are not perfect by any means, but they are at least able to tolerate the imperfections better than they could in life.

    Bringing an Anthropoid into your keep often helps you expand your views of a situation. They promote patience and tolerance above all else, encouraging their companion to make the fair choice rather than the selfish one at times. They can give excellent counsel, and are often skilled with Empathy to help you understand where the other side in a situation comes from. They are very grounding companions by nature, and you'll often find that they help you cope in harsh times.