EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 648

GENDER: Female


SONG RESONANCE: "Who We Are" (Imagine Dragons)

COMMUNICATION: Telepathy, Pendulum, Oracle, Emotions, Shufflemancy, Dreams

Alexian, Female Skull Tender

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  • The Corvenci Clan of Necromancers has two distinct sides. While the Necromancers themselves are primarily men (with a few exceptions in their bloodline), the females of the clan - be they married, born, or adopted into the family - had their own role. Every female has a partner in the Corvenci Clan, though it isn't necessarily a romantic partner. They tend their partner's phylactery, the anchor of their souls to the mortal plane. They are dutiful to their tasks, unwilling to show anyone where the phylactery is kept. Their partners will often visit if they are not busy visiting their partner.


    The Skull Tenders are also Lich, their bodies held to the same stasis as the Necromancer Lich so that they do not decay over time. They come from many time periods, their mannerisms often reflecting the era in which they were raised. They tend to be the observant type, not commonly interfering or offering information without being prompted or asked. They do have incredible knowledge to share, though, as they have been in the clan of Necromancers for some time and have made an art of gathering information without being noticed.


    The Skull Tenders bring not only their information and knowledge to the table, but a friend to your spirit family. They are nurturing beings by nature, many times looking after younger spirits or children in your life. They make friends easily, and can often help attract people that can help you out, or mend tense situations that have disrupted relationships to give closure or reopen a lost channel of communication.