EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 102

GENDER: Female


SONG RESONANCE: "I Love Rock n' Roll" (Joan Jett)

COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Telepathy, Dreams

Aliaras, Female Altusian Noctis

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  • The Altusian Nocti are a humanoid extraterrestrial race that exist on a planet in a faraway galaxy and project astrally to visit Earth. They are the night life of the planet, the drinkers and partiers, and they make sweet, sweet music day in and day out. Nothing is more important than having a large following and making a reputation for yourself. Everything is wild and carefree, and they can't get enough of it.


    The Altusian Nocti are signified by their ability to absorb the moon's light into their hair and eye colors. They are born with silver hair and eyes, and the adults take them out in their first bright moon to bathe them in the light and give them the violet and pink coloring. Their coloring depends on the moon's color that week, how open their eyes are, and if there are any shadows on them in the moonlight. Even twins can come out differently depending on the circumstance. They use their coloring to emphasize their individuality and tend to take on different personality traits depending on their coloring.


    Pink-haired Altusian Nocti are generally more mellow, especially if their eyes are pink. The violet-haired Altusian Nocti are very energetic and tend to be very active. They go over the top if their eyes are also violet, and seem to be even more 'out there.' By bringing one of these amazing companions into your keep, you'll find yourself less restricted and faring better in social situations. They can attract good influences of different types to your life, and encourage you to have some fun!