TYPE: Astral Traveler Servitor
FUNCTION: Banishment, Protection, Shadow Work, Cleansing, Warding, Empathy, Astral Travel, Networking


NAME: Alice Angel
RACE: Ink Demon
BASIS: Bendy and the Ink Machine
ELEMENT: Darkness


APPEARANCE: She is a shorter woman at about 5' tall in height.  She has a thin build, on the borderline of underweight. Her skin is very pale, with very subtle yellow undertones.  She has very soft features, her black hair curling and looking a bit wild as it falls over her back and shoulders.  She has very bright silver eyes, and two bone white horns curve to the outside of her bright halo.  She has two white wings, and wears a very modest off-the-shoulders dress in black with white ruffles accenting the top and sleeves with a small bow over her heart.  She often wears white gloves with circles on the palm and buttons on the back.


PERSONALITY: She is a bright, confident companion who comes across as extremely sweet.  She can be facetious, but that's part of her charm.  She never lets anyone know if she dislikes them.  She can often train her companion in maintaining a facade to make proper connections in the astral and traverse far more easily than you would being honest with those you dislike.

ABILITIES: One of the greatest draws of working with Alice is her siren song.  She seems to draw people of all kinds when she sings, and through changing the tone of her song, she can work out specific people's personalities and alignments.  She is also very capable of swaying people to her benefit, which often means her companion's benefit as well, with her sweet words and puppy pout.  She is a master of manipulation and reading those around her, making her very helpful when it comes to finding the right people to have on your side in new surroundings.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Ink, Drawing, Art, Cartoons, Swing Music, Jazz Music, Obsidian, Hematite, Black Mirrors, Feathers



Alice Angel