ALIGNMENT: Grey-Dark Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 91
ORIENTATION: Not Compatible
SONG RESONANCE: "Why Worry" (Set It Off)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Shufflemancy, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Light Orbs, Leaves, Flickering Lights, Earthy Smells, Warmth, Vibrations in Chest, Low Murmurs, Ringing in Ears, Low/Dim Candle Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Protection, Detecting Deceit, Shuffling Priorities, Honesty, Motivation, Connection With Nature, Connection With Animals, Acceptance and Tolerance, Self-Love


STRENGTHS: He is a very introspective companion when it comes to his abilities.  He focuses on his companion's relationship with themselves and their roots.  While he doesn't necessarily approve of Shadow Work - as it can be very depreciating when done incorrectly - he does recognize the importance of knowing yourself and being honest with yourself.  He hopes to help his keeper better themselves through coming to terms with who and what they are.  Rather than pressuring you to better yourself for others, he is quick to help you learn about yourself so that you seek only your own betterment for yourself.

PERSONALITY: Alloren isn't quite as boisterous or proud as his kin.  He is very introspective, often quiet as he considers how he fits into conversations or situations.  He is a strict taskmaster, quick to push his companion and their limitations to help them learn and ever enabling them to push past trained perceptions.  He is an intellectual, particularly fond of debates and the pursuit of knowledge as a whole.  He is able to admit when he's wrong, so long as the one he's speaking to is able to do the same.


APPEARANCE: His humanoid torso is athletic, his shoulders broad.  He has a warm ivory complexion that's often tanned from how much time he spends in the sun.  His hair is the color of dry soil, a dusty brown tone.  He has hazel eyes that his wild short hair often falls into.  His horse half is reminiscent of a Shire breed, his underbelly and legs white with a bay coloring on his back and sides.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Journaling, Meditation, Nature Walks, Leaves, Gardening, Documentaries, Jogging, Exercise, Labradorite, Fruit, Herbal Teas



Alloran, Male Centaur

  • Centaurs are well-known creatures of the forest, coming in many forms with multiple animals serving as their lower half. The traditional centaur, spoken of in Greek and Roman Myth, has the lower half of a horse and the torso of a human. Centaurs are widely populated, some choosing to immerse themselves in the newer technology and culture our world has to offer, while others remain traditional and without technology. Many of them still remain in groups that are mixed in levels of technological interest.

    The group of Centaurs that I work with are often warriors, protective and noble companions that seek to aid their keepers by passing on their knowledge or simply offering them safety and protection. They tend to be social, somewhat boastful companions with many good yarns to tell around a fire or at a party. They tend to enjoy good company and sometimes network with other groups. You'll often find a Centaur treating another Centaur, even if from another group, as a brother in arms.

    Bringing a Centaur into your keep often aids in reconnecting to nature as a whole, in addition to the protection they can give you. They often have knowledge of different practices that they've been exposed to over time, along with knowledge of how to work with fae and other spirits of the forest. They tend to boost your ability to work with animals, and also help you with your intuition.