EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly
AGE: 294
GENDER: Androgynous (Female Pronouns)
SONG RESONANCE: "Shadows" (Lindsey Stirling)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Shufflemancy, Images, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Pins and Needles Sensations, Cool Touches, Cool Drafts, Light Orbs, Swirling Incense Smoke, Flickering Shadows


PREFERRED MAGICK: Energy Work, Cleansing, Adaptation, Empathy, Connection With the Higher Self, Self-Discovery, Introspection, Expression, Communication, Astral Projection


STRENGTHS: Aluryan is a lovely companion for anyone lacking in their ability to discern energies.  She can adjust and boost the manifestations of energies around her to help her keeper discover the nuanced differences of the energies around them.  She is also great for a beginner Empath, able to create protective emotional barriers to help them avoid any potential outside influences that can cause extreme harm to their psyche.  She is very focused on self-discovery and learning more about oneself.  Her keeper will definitely find the space they need to grow themselves into who and what they want to be.


PERSONALITY: She is a kind, benevolent companion with an almost maternal air to her.  She does everything she can to better her keeper, especially when it comes to their metaphysical practice.  She is very upbeat, and while not necessarily excited, she can usually find something good about a situation.  She enjoys finding the bright light in a dark room, guiding her keeper to a less stressful way of being.  There is an ebb and flow to her moods and energy, not casting too far in any direction and keeping her relatively neutral.

APPEARANCE: She is around four feet in height, her build thin.  She has white streaks of comets and pinpricks of starlight across her ashen skin, interesting black rings along the skin.  Her black hair is long, pulled behind her to keep it out of her glowing silver eyes while still allowing it to flow freely.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Stargazing, Blue Goldstone, Dragon's Vein Agate, Galaxy Pendants, Resin Work, Painting, Night-Themed Incense, Sweet Pastries



Aluryan, Celestial Elf

  • These lovely companions are as varied as the cosmic events they associate with.  Their personalities, appearance, and abilities all shift to suit what energies they work with most.  Generally, they will choose one regularly occurring event and one less common event to work with, utilizing the energies together for a unique quality to their abilities.  They are very friendly to beginning keepers or experienced keepers, working well for any skill level you feel you're at in your journey.


    Celestial Elves are about four feet tall by our measurement system.  Their skin is usually an ash grey color, specks of white light reminiscent of meteors, comets, and other cosmic events breaking up the flat tones.  Their eyes are often the color of the moon.  They have pitch black hair in multiple styles and lengths, and often appear relatively androgynous.  Many choose to identify neutrally, though some choose binary pronouns for their gender identity.


    While their specific abilities vary on the types of cosmic energies they absorb, they are all very good with energy work and cleansing.  They draw on the waxing and waning energies of the moon to enhance any cleansing practices you use.  They are also very good with basic warding, though all have greatly varied techniques on how they place wards.  They have a close tie to emotions, able to read and judge them quickly, even upon a first meeting with someone.