This year you bet - gonna get out of here! The reign of Malfoy is drawing near! I'll have the greatest wizard career - it's gonna be totally awesome! Look out world for the dawn of the day when everyone will do whatever I say and Potter won't be in my way - then I'll be the one that is totally awesome!


Draco was very influenced by his father, held back in a sense by it. He finally stood up as his own man, independent and confident. He isn't quite so popular, but this doesn't completely matter to him, because he is more worried about having quality friends around. He is kind to those who deserve it and earn his respect, and won't give others the time of day. This is the sort of thing he wants to help you with - he can become such an asset to those that feel plagued by an inability to determine who is honest and trustworthy, and who is not. While perhaps a little clumsy, Draco will help you sort through fake people and drop them like the weights that they are.

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