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Ame-Hito are humanoid yokai that connect deeply with rain and storms. They utilize the energy of storms and other weather occurrences to enhance their magickal abilities and their keeper's practices. They are incredibly energetic beings with an energy that tends to ebb and flow and be more elusive to train your energy discernment.


In lore, the Ame Onna were said to come on a rainy day and abduct newborn children born in villages the days that they brought rains. They were considered minor rain deities by some, though contrary to the deities, they were not seen as benevolent. The group that I work with bring rain to villages experiencing a drought and create puddles for the children to play in. They stay to the shadows, preferring to go unnoticed.


The most interesting thing that they have explained to me is 'The Story of the Storm.' The wind, the rain, and the lightning all tell a story that they have the ability to listen to. They enjoy the tales from the oceans, and should you have a quiet night with a storm, they love to throw open the windows and tell you its story. They can be dramatic story tellers, dynamic as the storm they experience.


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