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The Angels of the North Wind glide on the cold, biting winds of winter with frost on their pale wings. They love the snow, and often spend their time riding the winds that have snowflakes. Although they are more reserved spirits, they do enjoy having a little fun now and then and have been known to initiate a snowball fight or two amongst the human children that they pass on their travels.


Their personalities range, each one its own like the snowflakes themselves, and no two angels are alike. They are all very distinct in both appearance and personality, though they all share many similarities.


Some are protective, while others are more relaxed, but they all look out for the health of their keeper in one way or another. They are all pale of complexion, with light colors for their hair, eyes, and wings. Some are more forthcoming than others, but they all look to forge a deep bond with their keeper. They are motivating and uplifting spirits by nature and energy, and will push their keeper to do better than before so that they can better themselves and their life situations.

Angel of the North Wind

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