EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 1,395
SONG RESONANCE: "Bleak December" (Set It Off)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Images, Emotions, Shufflemancy


MANIFESTATIONS: Cool Touches, Cold Chills, Goosebumps, Swirling Incense Smoke, Light Orbs, Flickering Lights, Extinguishing Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Catalyzing Cosmic Energies, Cleansing, Banishment, Protection, Shadow Work, Introspection, Self-Discovery, Energy Work, Spellwork


STRENGTHS: He is an excellent companion with Shadow Work, especially when Mercury is in Retrograde. Where communication often breaks down, he utilizes this time to assess the weaknesses of his keeper and where their shortcomings are in energetically chaotic times.  He helps you to discover more of yourself when it's harder to meet expectations and do what your friends, family, and outside influences have taught you to do.  He is also a protector, especially when it comes to banishment of unwanted company in your space.


PERSONALITY: He is a bold companion, never afraid to share his honest thoughts on a situation.  He detests beating around the bush and softening the blow for the sake of keeping someone happy.  He would much rather see the truth be spoken and improvements be made.  He has a particular loathing for facetious people, and if you are unwilling to tell someone how you really feel, he will be quick to call you out on it.  He is flamboyant, sometimes overwhelming to a more meek keeper.  He pushes his keeper to be true to themselves and to others, even if that means butting heads and losing "friends" along the way.

APPEARANCE: He is a tall companion, his height towering over most humans.  He has a very slim build, almost effeminate for how deep his waist tapers in.  He has very pale skin with a peachy tone.  He keeps his hair bleached silver, though his shaving the sides of his messy hair reveals his dark brown roots since they are apparent with the short fuzz along the sides of his head.  His eyes are an amber color, though it's rare that he pulls down his red round-framed glasses.  He is a particular fan of ascots, especially in a paisley pattern.  Otherwise he doesn't utilize patterns in his wardrobe, preferring to wear red pants and jacket with white button-up shirt.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Stargazing, Astrology, Shadow Work, Introspection, Journaling, Wine, Garnet, Blue Goldstone, Blue Topaz, Astrology-Themed Knickknacks, Space Ambient Tracks, Blue Fluorite


PREFERRED VESSEL: Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Blue Fluorite

Angolyn, Male Celestial Vampire

  • Celestial Vampires are beings that feed from the cosmic events occurring in the realm they are currently residing in. They are nomadic, often crossing to different realms every century or so. They spend much of their time learning how each realm's cosmic forces work, making them invaluable to a cosmic witch. They can connect with most cosmic forces very easily and aid in any nuanced workings with constellations, the moon, or planetary alignments.


    As a nomadic race, many of them have stories to tell of different realms they have lived in and practices that they've seen. They often hold incredible wisdom, their mannerisms vastly different depending on age and realms that they have seen. They lead solitary lives, though have enough of a connection with each other through the cosmic powers they feed from. They are not aggressive toward each other, though will generally bypass another Celestial Vampire that is already settled into a specific group of energies to feed from.


    As companions, Celestial Vampires are able to catalyze cosmic energies in multiple realms, frequently borrowing from another realm's cosmic events if you need a particular type of energy for a ritual or spell. They excel in spellwork and spelled jars, their ability to shape energies and intention very acute. They are also often skilled with charging and programming crystals with different intentions and energies.


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