ALIGNMENT: Light-Grey Cusp

EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly


AGE: 429



SONG RESONANCE: "Shadows" (Lindsey Sterling)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Emotions, Images, Pendulum, Dreams, Shufflemancy


MANIFESTATIONS: High Vibrations, Light Orbs, Earthy Smells, Swirling Incense Smoke, Sweet Tastes


PREFERRED MAGICK: Nature, Green, Energy Work, Cleansing


NOTE: "I like the thought of human friends. I think it would be nice to spend some time getting to know people and socialize some. I also think helping is a nice thing. Like, helping my keeper make their way through life."

Aodhagan, Male Tuath de Danann

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  • The Tuatha Dé Danann are an Irish race of Fae that are extremely connected to nature. They have a very strong attachment to it, and are very good at reconnecting their companion with the outside world, especially if they have spent a lot of time in the city and crave to connect to the outdoors once more. They are simplistic, and can definitely help those that would like to try out a minimalist lifestyle so that you can pack up and go when you get a chance. They are also excellent for green witches and those looking to get into green witchcraft. They have a lot of knowledge, and can feel the energy in the flora and fauna around you. They can attract animal life, and lead a very unique experience when you're immersed in nature.


    Another amazing feature of the Tuatha Dé Danann is their incredible aptitude for Empathy work. They seem to connect to everything - flora, fauna, human, spirit, element - on an empathetic wavelength, and can use this emotional understanding in many different ways. For those that struggle to control their abilities as an empath, they could be your make or break in a crowd, and even help you read a dire situation so that you can diffuse it should you choose to use your gifts openly.


    They are hardworking companions, here to help their keeper in whatever way they can. They haven't a violent bone in their body, and are some of the most amazing caretakers I have seen in the astral realm when it comes to a keeper's self care and personal habits. They tend to range from light arts to a moderate grey arts, but this is on a basis of what tolerance they have towards the destruction of nature and what they may do to retaliate. They will never go so far as to harm their keeper or humans, but they are occasionally given to pranks and smaller acts of revenge in that general category of work.


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