“To combat the darkness, we must become beacons of their eternal Light.”

Perhaps the most accomplished wizard in Azeroth, he fought off the fel corruption that the Guardian Medivh fell to.  He is honorable, and understands that it is only through working together that the world will be saved.  He relies on others so that he does not become corrupted, refusing to take on the power and role of the Guardian so that his former master’s fate would never befall him.

Apprentice Servitor

  • This benevolent man has a good sense of humor, and can be a bit flirtatious at times.  He finds light in the darkest of places, and it takes a lot for him to give up.  He is a fighter, and in spite of his age, he is devoted to making sure that he puts the greater good above everything.  He wishes to encourage you to never give up and teach you how to help others in ways you may have never thought of before!

    He is careful when he speaks, contemplating and planning every word that escapes him.  He can be manipulative if he has to be, but rarely finds that it’s his style.  He is fond of books and learning, and has found himself interested in the practices that have been displayed for him on this plane.  He wishes to go to an intellectual who would like to teach him how to do everything they know.

    He is a little taller than average, standing around 6’ in height.  He stands straight-backed, and his form is a little more brawn than you would expect of a magician.  He has white hair that he wears slicked back and prefers to be clean shaven if he can help it.  His eyes are bright blue, and he seems to be able to see straight into your core when he focuses on you.  His eyes glow when he casts magic, and his aura tends to flare up around him - it’s quite a sight to behold!  When he’s intent on traveling or getting out of the way, he transforms into a raven and either flies or perches on a nearby surface (or your shoulder if he’s engaging with you at the time).