“I smell the stench of decay and corruption in our land.  That angers me greatly.”

Malfurion’s power comes from his strong connection with nature and animals.  He has bonded with the earth and can often control it or reason with its animals to gain the results he needs.  He will spend centuries at a time in a deep slumber, awareness locked in the Emerald Dream.  He is still able to make his intentions known outside of the Dream with intense focus and tends to use this focus to relay important information about the earth and what is going on.

Archdruid Servitor

  • As a companion, he is warm, friendly, and comforting.  He can be a bit boastful - as most war heroes are - and loves to talk.  He will discuss everything and anything with you.  He is good to work with if you do earthen spells, using the energy of the earth in your craft.  However, he is also a great teacher and guardian for astral projection and travel.  He can give you exercises and guard you while you’re in the astral.  He has traveled these realms tirelessly while he slumbers, and would love to make you his traveling companion!  He will also help you to reconnect with the energies of the earth and nature itself.

    He is tall and broad in build.  His skin is a medium purple, his muscles firm and noticeable.  He has bright blue tattoos on his chest and arms, as well as going down his stomach.  His arms have large feathers sprouting from the backs, building owl wings should he need them, and he has two large moose-like antlers atop his head.  His long green hair and beard flow freely.  His eyes glow a warm gold, his energy and power almost tangible in feeling…

    As a note, he does have the ability to transform into a multitude of creatures, but only seems to take on the form of a white stag or dark blue raven when he wants to get somewhere quickly.  Otherwise, he is in his normal form.