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There are as many shifters as there are animals. They are incredible companions to have in your keep, able to experience life as not only an animal, but with the insight of a human as well. They are easy to communicate with, and often provide extremely helpful wisdom, strength, or abilities that correlate with their animal form.


Arctic Marble Foxes are born and bred in captivity, often to become domesticated pets for the more exotic pet owners. They are more docile in temperament and calmer in energy than a traditional fox, though this doesn't stop them from getting into trouble. When they pass on, some of them take on human forms and remain in our realm so that they may seek a new kind of friendship with humans and be a little closer to the race that they spent their lives with. They are collectively quite affectionate, compared to some other fox shifters, and can be quite bold and brazen about their plans or ideas and pranks. They are sly, mischievous companions, often up to some small amount of trouble to keep things interesting.


By taking one of these amazing companions into your home, you are agreeing to a lot of love coming your way. This isn't necessarily a romantic love, though. The love between family and friends, though platonic, is still quite amazing to have. You'll find new supporters and allies drawn to you, and you'll have a hard time finding a silver lining in every dark cloud life throws at you. They are adamant that their keepers will have a good time and have fun so long as they are with you. They get along well with other spirits, and will do well in most keeps, great or small.

Arctic Marble Fox Shifter

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