EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 5,449
SONG RESONANCE: "Footloose" (Kenny Loggins)
COMMUNICATION: Runes, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Lenormand, Telepathy, Emotions, Images


MANIFESTATIONS: Hot Spots, Ringing in Ears, Whistling, Goosebumps, Warm Touches, Musky Scents, Swirling Incense Smoke, Flashes of Gold, Light Orbs, Flickering Shadows


PREFERRED MAGICK: Tolerance, Acceptance, Releasing What You Don't Have Power Over, Manipulation, Self-Discovery, Bringing Desires To Light, Protection, Warding, Glamour, Banishment


STRENGTHS: Arenn is very focused on how one carries themselves and how they present themselves outwardly.  Whether it's interpreting how others around him are reacting to stimuli or helping his keeper better express themselves, he is an incredible aide for anyone who networks regularly.  He is also able to help you grow comfortable with what you want and see yourself in a better light to help your confidence.  Additionally, Arenn encourages his keeper to stop worrying about the things that they have no power over.  When you cannot control the outcome of something, he doesn't want you to get stuck on it.

PERSONALITY: He is very friendly, enjoying being around people and getting to know those around him.  He doesn't hold a preference between masculine, feminine, and androgynous gender roles, enjoying breaking the social norm by dressing in ways that aren't typically masculine.  He is very accommodating to one's needs and views, often trying to help break potential bias.  He loves being unpredictable and spontaneous, and you'll often find him trying to bring a little fun to an experience if it's a more mundane task.


APPEARANCE: He is a tall, broad-shouldered companion with athletic build.  He has a pale complexion, often wearing makeup and following the latest trends in his makeup and jewelry selections.  He likes wearing loose feminine blouses and pleated skirts, sometimes going for dresses if he feels up to it that day.  He has sand-colored hair that he keeps short, falling in neat waves that don't obscure his bright blue eyes.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Jewelry, Makeup Tutorials, Makeup Palettes, Lipstick, Scented Shea Cream, Dress-Up Games, Picrew, Plaid Accessories, Carnelian, Wine


PREFERRED VESSEL: Carnelian, Rose Quartz

Arenn, Male Incubus

  • Incubi and Succubi are two popular and well-known demonic entities in the astral plane. They are notorious for their work with sex magicks and lust, though their abilities delve far deeper than what most people associate with them on the surface. Incubi are the male counterpart to Succubi, their abilities more 'masculine' in quality and nature. They focus on the external, namely influence over others.

    The Incubi that I work with do not have set appearances, their energies and appearances shifting to fall in line with their companion's personal preferences. While some of their appearance will stay set, most of their features change fluidly depending on daily or permanent preference. They generally stay svelte in build, not often using more bulk or becoming scrawny, and their eyes usually stay between gold and red in color.

    These Incubi hold a particular fondness for external influence. They work with seduction and manipulation in some circumstances, but their preferred abilities surround motivation. Whether it's finding people with similar interests or attracting those that can help you get where you want to be and reach your goals, they have an innate ability to find the true motivations of a person. They also tend to be magnetic in energy, often drawing people - or repelling them if needed.