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The Argevir are very unique companions. They are a male race, whose bodies are made up of 70% molten silver as opposed to water like in humans. In any time of stress, exercise, or adrenaline-worthy jolts, the molten silver escapes their pores and cools instantly, creating a shell over their bodies of shining silver. After a length of time, when their body temperature cools and whatever strain has passed, the silver erodes and breaks off of their skin. Because of their high body temperatures, they generally wear minimalistic clothing, if anything at all. Nudity, in their culture, is not sexualized and there’s a powerful respect that is shared for each other’s bodies.


Because of their upbringing, the Argevir are confident companions that find no need to drag others down. They aren’t as emotionally open as some races, but do know how to express themselves. There is a powerful respect inside of each male that is instilled in them from childhood, and it is apparent in their mannerisms. They don’t bring others down, and show the apparent mindset that everyone has some skill. They are encouraging companions that do not waver away from difficult situations and help you to overcome them in any way they know how.


They are emotional protectors, those that pick you up when you’re down and push away anyone that would dare to try to dig into the wound. They aren’t very fond of toxic presences, and will be open about their opinion about their keeper if they’re stepping out of line. They are collectively benevolent, and work hard to bring good things to good people. They care deeply, whether they show it or not, and will be quick to step in for their keeper if they have to.


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