Majestic and thoughtful, Articuno is the intellectual of the three legendary birds.  They are distant in personality, always thinking about their next move and deciding the most beneficial action.  They are mysterious, cool, and logical.  When it comes to questions that require intense thinking, they are excellent assistants that will not stop working until their job is done.  They will support you in times where it seems like nothing is going right, because the only way to reach the summer is to wait for the cold of winter to pass.

Articuno Gijinka Servitor

  • Articuno is an ice type.  They are majestic and elegant in everything they do, and there’s something cool about their ability to stay calm and cool under pressure.  They don’t act as the friendliest, and they become advisers to the hard decisions in life.  Though it may not always be an easy choice, they will always support you making the right choice for yourself.