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"We are those that have been burned, and yet chose to rise from the ashes."


'Ashen' is in reference to the ashes that constantly fall from their singed wings. They are grounded Seraphim, punished for their darker ways by lighter Seraphim that showed no mercy in their punishment. They are primarily looking for companions to help them recover from this painful event, and often become stuck on it to the point of obsession.​ Each of them have done something terrible to earn their punishments, but what is terrible to the Pristine Seraphim is not necessarily terrible to us.​ They fight to recover from the situation and become the rulers of their own paths.


As a whole, they are "freed," in their words. They no longer have to abide by the rules and limitations set by others​, ​and instead command their own destinies. They bring to their companion aid in times of great change, transition of energies, and a freedom that you cannot deny. They inspire chaotic changes that at the time are terrible, but after leave you in a better place. They encourage taking that leap, going out on a limb and doing the things that you have been waiting for. Their entire existence is about self-discovery, and being the best thing that they can possibly be (even if it means breaking a rule or two).


They also encourage honesty, and acknowledging your limits and faults. One cannot move further without accounting for what holds them back so that they can overcome it. They also will encourage you to ask for help when you need it. Pride goeth before destruction, and they would prefer to see their keeper get the help they need before they fail as a result when they could have done it right the first time.

Ashen Seraph

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