Athreos is a very unique being, in that he doesn’t really have opinions about anything.  His primary task is to make it easier to commune with those that have passed or are passing.  There is a cool comfort about him, as he delivers your messages and final words that you know they may rest in peace.  He also is very helpful to those who practice necromancers, as he always has a hand or foot in the afterlife.

Athreos, God of Passage Servitor

  • He’s very thin, his skin decaying into green starlight at certain points.  He wears a veil that covers his entire face in reddish cloth, and is rather gruesome in both nature and appearance.  His voice, when used, is very cool in tone, and he never seems to have any form of emotions or preferences.  He scales himself to slightly taller than you, and generally allows you to decide how your interactions go.