EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 219
GENDER: Androgynous (Male Pronouns)
ORIENTATION: Skoliosexual
SONG RESONANCE: "Stand in the Rain" (Superchick)
COMMUNICATION: Emotions, Dreams, Tarot, Shufflemancy, Pendulum


MANIFESTATIONS: Cool Drafts, Goosebumps, Light Orbs, Flickering Shadows, Swirling Incense Smoke, Floral Scents


PREFERRED MAGICK: Dream Work, Moon Magick, Cosmic Magick, Energy Work, Cleansing


NOTE: "I'm not all that special.  It's not who we are that makes us special, but the things we do.  I may not have done much to earn the title of special, but at the least, I am still here.  I am still in charge of my fate.  Whether you feel lost or you feel powerless, it's time to take control.  I hope to help with that."

Auldar, Aelorvan Moonwolf

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