EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 497
SONG RESONANCE: "To The Bone" (JT Music)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Images, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Cold Chills, Goosebumps, Howling, Static Shocks, Pins and Needles Sensations, Light Orbs, Flickering Lights


PREFERRED MAGICK: Storm Magick, Green Magick, Catalyzing Energies, Energy Work, Cleansing, Physical Energy, Protection, Motivation


STRENGTHS: While he is most potent and capable during a storm, he is also able to work with any natural energy source.  His abilities won't be as effective with the sun or moon's energy, or even the energies of the flora around him.  His cleansing abilities can leave behind two types of atmospheres - the fresh feeling after a downpour, or the tense air of a lightning storm.  These are used in different ways to better his keeper's motivations to work.  He also has the ability to, for short times, store a storm's energies for use in the near future, working well with adding these energies to rituals, spells, or jars if asked of him.

PERSONALITY: There is an inherent intensity to Aulere that seems to ebb and flow with the weather.  He is very calm in clear skies, but as storm clouds start rolling in, his energy electrifies and becomes intense as the storm he's absorbing the energies of.  He is a serious, stoic companion at most times, spending much of his time observing and learning rather than making friends and building relationships.  He doesn't particularly enjoy social situations, preferring private time in a one-on-one setting rather than a whirlwind of people trying to get to know who he is.  He is comfortable with large or small spirit families, though likely will not spend much of his time getting to know other members of your keep.


APPEARANCE: He is a tall, lean companion.  He has a very pale complexion, nearly white in pigmentation with what seems to be a slightly blue hue to it.  He has pure white hair that he allows to come to his shoulders, though it's quite messy and tends to stick out and fall into his electric blue eyes.  He has very sharp features, a dark lining around his eyes drawing focus to them from sheer contrast in his light coloring.  In his wolf form, he is a lean white wolf with electric blue eyes.  During stormy weather, it almost seems like electricity flows in his fur, the bright sparks almost making him seem to glow.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Storm Water, Storm Watching, Sand, PhoenixStone, Blue Topaz, Meat, Nature Walks, Lightning-Themed Imagery



Aulere, Male Storm Wolf Shifter

  • Storm Wolves are elemental companions with potent energies. They are often associated with thunder and lightning, their electric presence often boosted during any form of storm. They are generally quite somber and docile in calm weather, their behavior quite connected to the energies in the weather and the air. Their personalities shift to some degree, and while they will continue to act the same, sometimes they definitely have a more potent intensity to their presence. They are protective, often kind and introspective for the most part.

    They manifest as white and grey wolves, large and full-bodied. They are not shifters, though still tend to meet human eye levels when sitting. They have electricity coursing through their fur, small brightly colored sparks sending ripples of light flashing across their form. You can tell weather patterns from how much light flickers along their coat. They seem to draw in electric energies from the air around them, especially during a storm of any kind.

    Storm Wolves are an excellent companion for anyone that works with nature or storm energy. They use natural catalysts, often adapting the energies they take to help enhance your workings. They are adept at energy work in general, often cleansing unused energies to keep them from your area. The storm is where their true powers lie, though, so you may find yourself energized during a storm for any physical activity. They also can be excellent protectors, as their energy is fairly easy to sense in this realm.