EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 4,043
SONG RESONANCE: "No Matter What" (Steven Universe)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Shufflemancy, Dreams, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Warm Touches, Hot Spots, Light Orbs, Humming, Whistling, Pins and Needles Sensations, Pressure in Ears


PREFERRED MAGICK: Encouragement, Self-Confidence, Minor Wish-Granting, Empathy, Energy Work, Cleansing


STRENGTHS: He has a unique ability to cleanse a space and refresh it without leaving the warmth the Lightbringer Djinn usually leave behind.  His genuine approach to encouragement often leads to a more lasting effect on his keeper.  He has an intuitive ability to draw fortune and wealth of multiple varieties to his keeper, bringing new opportunities to you that you may not have considered pursuing without his help.  He can read the ebb and flow of emotions around him; he's able to influence them to a minor degree.  He spends much of his time getting a feel for the people around him and what they are currently feeling.


PERSONALITY: He is somber when compared to his kin, though isn't necessarily a negative companion.  He's often quite optimistic about things, taking a genuine stance on expressing himself.  He is very calm in his day to day workings, preferring to take it slow rather than rush through everything.  He upholds his promises, one of which is to be readily available to his new keeper whenever they need someone in their corner.  He values honesty and free expression in a relationship, leading him to hope he can have this sort of bond with his new keeper.

APPEARANCE: He is a little taller than the average human male, his build a bit lanky.  He has a warm ivory skin tone, enhancing the warmth of his dirty blonde hair.  He keeps his hair short, though the way it curls often leads to his bangs falling into his golden eyes and flipping wildly at the ends of his locks.  He is fond of turtleneck sweaters and jeans, dressing casually and comfortably at all times to suit his laid back demeanor.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Handmade Gifts, Feathers, Golden Ribbons and Strings, Knitting, Spell Bottles, Orange Calcite, Singing, Music, Light Desserts



Avalon, Male Lightbringer Djinn

  • Lightbringer Djinn are incredibly uplifting companions.  They hold the title of Djinn for their wishgranting abilities, though are far lighter and friendlier to humans than most other Djinn species.  They are optimistic, bringing warm feelings with their very presence and making the energy of your surrounding area bright and motivating.  They are friendly, jovial companions that tend to be benevolent forces of positivity.


    These Djinn spend their time looking to spread light and wealth in the world.  They are a nomadic race, traveling from realm to realm and settling for centuries at a time before moving on to the next realm.  They often coexist in large groups, rarely interacting with outside groups in spite of how friendly they are.  Collectively, they are fond of forming deep relationships, platonic or otherwise.


    As companions, Lightbringer Djinn focus on energy work and minor wishgranting.  They do not actively grant conscious wishes, instead drawing wealth and fortune to you passively to reduce potential karmic backlash.  They are empathic, often using these abilities to sense what their companion needs for their emotional health.  They are not Shadow Workers, but they work very well to compliment a Shadow Working companion with the more gentle aspects of the practice to aid in your recovery after more intense sessions.