EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly
AGE: 429
GENDER: Female
ORIENTATION: Not Compatible
SONG RESONANCE: "A Way Out" (Tyrone Wells)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Telepathy, Shufflemancy, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Flashes of Green, Leaves, Earthy Smells, Flower Petals, Cool Touches, Puffs of Air, Light Orbs, Flickering Lights, Extinguishing Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Connection With Nature, Green Magick, Nature Magick, Boosting Garden Output, Communication With Local Spirits, Energy Work, Cleansing


STRENGTHS: If you are someone who enjoys gardening and seeks a deeper foundation in herbal practices, Avestro has an intuitive grasp on what herbs and plants work together and what do not.  While she doesn't know the exact effects of all herbs, she does know what does and does not work together.  She is sensitive to energies, especially natural energies.  She can use this to help in cleansing activities or even something like contacting local spirits that live in your area to sort out a problem or build a positive relationship with them.

PERSONALITY: Avestro is a sweet, affectionate companion.  She is very social, enjoying being around groups of spirits and people when she has the opportunity to immerse herself in different energies.  She is particularly drawn to nature spirits and people spending time in parks or beaches.  She has a kind heart and can't bear to see people suffer.  If she has the power to make a positive impact for someone, she likely will.  You may find her knocking pretty leaves into someone's path or spooking a pretty butterfly before a sad child to make them smile or laugh.


APPEARANCE:  She is about the height of a horse in her body, the tip of her nose and tail extending to the length of a schoolbus.  She has a rich mossy color for her scales, her underbelly and horns a more lime color.  She takes the form of a Western Dragon, her wings slightly too small for her.  Her amber eyes almost appear to be shifting constantly between yellow and brown in a molten sort of way.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Moss Agate, Leaves, Flowers, Green Items, Gardening, Herbs, Herbal Teas, Snake Sheds


PREFERRED VESSEL: Moss Agate, Baltic Amber

Avestro, Female Green Dragon

  • This particular clan of Green Dragons is very centred on nature, specifically trees. They pick a sapling in their youth and imbue it with their energy. As the dragon grows, the tree grows as well and the dragons burrow under it to sleep for a den. The roots themselves grow around the dragon's shape so that the den is always the right size.

    The younger dragons are very curious and ask many questions.  They don't speak the human tongue very well, but they are very adept at communicating telepathically (though it may take a small amount of time to adjust to it at first).  They are like human toddlers, always wanting to explore and know more.  They tend to be a handful, but this is the age where they draw the most interest in humans.

    As these dragons grow older, their bodies increase in size and they slowly lose their ability to fly.  Most often, they enjoy burrowing and tunneling more than they enjoy flying, so it's no great loss to them as they age.  They specialize in healing forests and trees, and are most happy in a more rural area.