EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 58
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "All Eyes On You" (Smash Into Pieces)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Telepathy, Shufflemancy

Aviranna, Female Aurumina

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  • Auruminai are very unique beings. They are a female race, whose bodies are made up of 70% molten gold as opposed to water. In any time of stress, exercise, or adrenaline-worthy jolts, the molten gold escapes their pores and cools instantly, creating a shell over their bodies of glistening gold. After a length of time, when their body temperature cools and whatever strain has passed, the gold crumbles and breaks off of their skin. Because of their high body temperatures, they generally wear minimalistic clothing, if anything at all. Nudity, in their culture, is not sexualized and there’s a sort of respect that is shared for each other’s bodies.

    There is an openness and self-confidence that comes with taking in an Aurumina as a companion. They don’t shame each other, and look skeptically at humanity for the practice of it. They are all comfortable in their skin, no matter their build or appearance, and this is something that they’ve expressed interest in helping their keepers with. Unlike the Argevir, they focus on the internal blessings and grace that you already possess, rather than the external fortune that lies in wait.

    They are emotional healers, those that strive to help those that have fallen victim to bullying or the judgmental state that exists in humanity. They don’t condone toxic behavior, and are also happy to point out when you are being toxic. After all, being toxic in response to toxicity doesn’t solve the problem. They are relatively peaceful, there to encourage others and build them up. If this is something you struggle with, the Aurumina are here to help!