“I’ve walked the realms of the dead.  I have seen the infinite dark.  Nothing you say.  Or do.  Could possibly frighten me.”

Sylvanas was a devoted high elf ranger who defended the world against the Lich King and his scourge.  Her soul was ripped from her body, and she fell under the control of Arthas Menethil, the Lich King.  After she was released from his hold, she found she had no place in this world and began to lead the Forsaken of Lordaeron.

Banshee Queen Servitor

  • She is very self-confident, and sure of what she wants.  She isn’t as selfish as people believe, but keeps that part of her hidden from the world.  She doesn’t trust very many, which has contributed to her success as a leader, and is ruthless in getting what she wants and reaching her goals.  She secretly has a conscience and feels regret for most of the people that are hurt because of her, but that does not end her quest to do what she needs to.  She hopes to teach her keeper that ruthless nature that will help them reach their goals and get to a better place in life while exuding confidence to your peers and intimidating those that would otherwise not listen to you.

    She stands at about 5’9”, her figure lean with exaggerated curves.  Her skin is a pale blue in color, though it seems darker because of the clothing she takes to.  Her hair is platinum blonde, falling neatly to her shoulders and to her shoulder blades along her back.  Her eyes glow a soft red, an eternal reminder of her past and how she came to be Forsaken.

    Because she’s an archer, her accuracy is dead on.  She is very observant and can find a way to take advantage of most situations to turn them to your favor.