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Wandering in small towns, the Bargheist is well known by different names (all of which seem to be unique to the locale they stay near).  They are phantom hounds with many varying tales and stories lending hints to what exactly they are. The Bargheist that I work with are drawn to grief, often manifesting to those who have lost someone close to them.  They honor the dead, often influencing the wildlife in the area to gather and create loud noises in a form of send-off to the spirit of the recently deceased.


These Bargheist have described their ‘purpose’ in a more psychopompic fashion, their send-offs often meant to guide the spirit to them so they may lead it where it needs to go.  They are not afraid to make themselves known to those that would disrespect their charge in any fashion, often described to have monstrous teeth and claws by those on the other end of them.  They are nomadic and travel far more frequently than expected; a town likely will not see the same Bargheist more than twice.


As companions, these Bargheist are excellent protectors.  They have a strong sense for emotions and intention, as well as a very intuitive knowledge of when people lie to them.  They don’t hesitate to show themselves to humans to intimidate them. They also have an intuitive capability to boost the manifestations and energies of the spirits around them.  They seem to have a magnetic energy at times, often able to attract people and spirits alike to aid their keeper in their endeavors.


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