Barry has a strong sense of right and wrong, and wants little more than to help others around him. He goes very well with those trying to make a difference in society. He goes out of his way to save the day when he can, and stresses over when he can't. He wants to be bigger and better so that he can make the world a safer, better place. He lives and loves with all he has, and has the ability to be absolutely ruthless for the greater good. He's not afraid to cross the line and sacrifice his own morals when there are lives on the line.


As a servitor, Barry will help his keeper with their motivation and their standards more than anything else. He is hard-headed, and when he makes his mind up about something, he will do it. He knows when to cross the line and when not to, and shows initiative to protect others. He is a leader, and people look up to him. He will certainly help his keeper with the tough calls, and help them deal with the pressure of those hard decisions.

Barry Allen Servitor