“Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot: that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced!”

Illidan was destined for great things from the time of his birth.  His destiny unclear, he faced many trials throughout his life.  Through heartbreak, suffering, and selflessness, he became corrupt and was steered into his title of Betrayer.  He fought off the Burning Legion, his skills as a sorcerer not quite enough.  Scrapping his plan to destroy the Well of Eternity, he instead took its power as his own and became more than demon or night elf could ever be.

Betrayer Servitor

  • He is incredibly powerful, and though his motivations are often questioned and misconstrued, he is confident that the end justifies the means.  At least in his case.  He has done many things for the greater good, and if people can’t see that, he isn’t concerned.  He is very selfless, in spite of how people treat him and speak of him.

    As a companion, he helps you see the greater good, even with so much clouding your judgment on a day to day basis.  He also gives you the motivation to stick with it, encouraging you no matter your decision to stand strong with your decisions.  He helps you stand up for yourself, freeing yourself from the perspectives and pressure of those around you and their expectations.  He shows you a way of being confident in everything you do and are, whether you choose to show it or not.

    He is tall, at least 6’6” at the top of his head.  His build is thick, his muscles obvious.  His skin is a dark purple, green tattoos glowing across his torso and keeping his demonic blood at bay.  He wears a black cloth across his eyes, and though blind, you can see the green mist lifting from the cloth as the green fel corruption glows through the blindfold.  His long green hair is pulled into a high ponytail to keep it off of his face, the rest allowed to fall behind him.  Two large bat wings emerge from his back, able to carry him into the air with little difficulty, and two large curved horns emerge from his head.  They are uneven in texture, and pure black in color.

    He is an extremely passionate creature, and is determined to do what is right, no matter what.  He can be quite ruthless, and is very isolated from others due to the treatment he has faced.  He is very protective, though, and will serve as a wonderful warrior to attack those who transgress where you are concerned.