The Dusk Elves are the leading masters of Arcana in the Mozaik universe. They use their powers to shift with the night, cleansing the day before and laying the pathway for change. Led by their mischievous Lord, they hold strong powers of illusion and glamour on their side.


The Blessing of the Dusk Elves is a very specific carpe noctem spell. It does its most powerful work while you sleep, washing away the negativity of the day before to leave you more refreshed for the new day. It recycles negative energies, empowering your efforts and pushing you toward a better day.


This spell works with all kinds, able to help a leader look forward or a beginner step into their skin with renewed energy. Its primary focus is the idea of cleansing for the new day, pushing you toward the change and transition needed to pick you up.

Blessing of the Dusk Elves

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