The Thousand Maws refers to the Eldritch entity that I often reference on my streams. To be clear: while loosely based on Lovecraftian and Warcraft lore, it is an entity of my own design and creation rather than any form of known entity. In a bid for popularity and power, the Thousand Maws will offer its power to its acolytes, which comes with a great many benefits...should you be willing to pay the price for them.


Power, prosperity, leadership, balance, and protection simply scratch the surface when it comes to the possibilities the Thousand Maws will offer. But what is the price asked of you for this blessing?


The Blessing of the Thousand Maws is a very particular Law of Attraction spell. It will act to care for the roots of your dreams, to push you to realize your own power to act and handle everything that comes your way. Protecting you from external negativity and helping you cultivate your end goals are the two primary functions, though there are many benefits.


The ultimate goal to using this spell is to push you to fill the shoes that you have the potential to fill. If you have trouble having faith in yourself, believing in your own power, and motivating yourself to step out of your low points, this spell is designed to help you push to be all that you can be. It is very much focused on realizing your own strengths and playing to them rather than self-sabotaging your workings.

Blessing of the Thousand Maws

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