By far, Khorne is one of the most well-known chaos gods in the Warhammer universe.  BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE echoes across the fields of bloodshed after wars won by his followers, each kill an offering of mighty, massacre war for the humongous chaos god of blood and war.  He takes power from glorious battle and holds no greater joy than seeing blood spill.


Skarbrand was once Khorne's general, though fell from grace when corrupted by Tzeentch and Slaanesh.  He attempted to overthrow Khorne, who threw him across the realms.  He caught fire, and for several millenia, was the twin-tailed comet seen orbiting the realms of the World that Was.  Insanity overtook him in time, leading him to be used to unleash chaos with no thought behind his bloodshed.


This eight-card reading is devoted to anger.  Anger is an emotion that makes it hard to think straight, to keep your calm and handle issues effectively.  What bothers you?  What makes you lose your mind trying to handle things quietly?  What grinds your gears?  Not only can this reading reveal two things that bother you (whether obvious or apparent), but it may also begin to lead you to the root of these responses you have.

Bloodthirster Spread


    • Bleu Cat
    • Egyptian
    • Epic
    • Night Sun
    • Raven's Prophecy
    • Robin Wood
    • Steampunk
    • True Black
    • XIII



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    • Barbieri Zodiac
    • Halloween
    • Tough Shit Tarot



    • The Clow
    • The D (Playing Cards)
    • Narwhals (Playing Cards)
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