TYPE: Energy Generator
FUNCTION: Grounding, Crystals, Earth


POKEMON: Boldore


Entirely earthen in composition, this Energy Generator recharges from crystals, cosmic events, and nature itself.  It has an amazing ability to fuel all workings that have anything to do with nature or require the energies of nature.  It also has a way of drawing energies from the specific mineral balance in your home area, allowing you to work from the natural energies around you that you may not be as connected with.


This generator can be an amazing advantage to anyone that works with the earth element.  It can give you a more grounded connection to the energies that exist around you, as well as storing varieties of energies to charge and program crystal grids with more nuanced intention.  It can be more versatile than expected, and can very easily grow with your craft.


RECOMMENDED VESSEL: Granite, Petrified Wood, Amber, Septarian, Unakite