TYPE: Guardian Animatronic Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Warding, Banishment, Cleansing


NAME: Bonnie
BASIS: Five Nights At Freddy’s
ELEMENT: Water, Earth


APPEARANCE: Bonnie takes the form of a large rabbit animatronic.  He is a dark blue-violet color, his belly and muzzle a lighter lavender tone with a black nose and white humanoid teeth.  He has magenta-colored metallic eyes, and is often seen with his red guitar.  He accessorizes with a red bow tie as well.


PERSONALITY: A decently friendly animatronic, Bonnie can be a bit dense at times.  He is a people-pleaser by nature, going out of his way to see others safe and happy when possible.  He is not able to communicate verbally, though can use animated motions to convey his intentions.  He can be rather protective at times, especially around new people.  He warms up to new presences quickly, though, and tends to make friends where possible.


ABILITIES: The greatest unique skill that Bonnie has is dismissal of the past.  He is very protective, though once he has adjusted to a new presence, he doesn't hold previous suspicion against them.  He has the ability to cleanse negative and toxic ties that are affecting you.  He is also sensitive enough to energies that he can release a robotic sentry scream to draw attention to particular areas that are off for any reason.  He is an incredible support to any protective team, keeping your spirit family happy and healthy where he can.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Scrap Metal, Wires, Essential Oils, Granite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Dragon Vein Agate, Bonnie Paraphernalia, Horror Movies


PREFERRED VESSEL: Iron, Stainless Steel, Lapis Lazuli