ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 83
SONG RESONANCE: "Build Our Machine" (Caleb Hyles)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Telepathy


PREFERRED MAGICK: Manipulation, Hypnotism, Protection, Revenge


STRENGTHS: The Maestor-e'Stringen lives up to his colorful moniker in a way that can be both subtle and obvious at first glance. While his nickname translates to "String Master," he is a very capable puppeteer. His God-King is sometimes referred to as the Maestor-e'Pupetrece for his ability to manipulate people to do his bidding, and while not as good as the God-King, he is quite efficient in the arts of hypnotism and manipulation to gain control of a person or a situation. He has very limited power in our realm, but while he cannot take physical control of someone, he is very powerful in energy and words, and will quite often make compelling arguments to sway someone to your side, whether they are sensitive to the metaphysical or not.


PERSONALITY: Redrooke is an eloquent, often poetic companion. He enjoys word play and thinking up new ways to use common words in bizarre contexts. He's also quite philosophical, as most of his poetry invokes some heavy soul-searching to answer some strange question you've never been asked or thought about before. He has a strong understanding of when to use his abilities and when to leave things well enough alone, which makes him a very unique guardian that is fully able to learn about and grasp situations before acting. He is a calm, level-headed influence in even the most hectic times and can certainly act as an anchor in the storm.


APPEARANCE: While the average height for Terran men is around seven feet tall, he is a towering eight feet in height. He has slim shoulders but clearly defined musculature in his chest, abdomen, and arms. His complexion is slightly ashen, though a dark tan undertone is apparent in daylight. He has many tattoos, tribal markings decorating his chest in a bright orange that glows when he uses his powers and black skull-like markings on his face. He also has some tattoos on his arms and back, though they are strictly symbols that hold sway over his practice. He keeps himself entirely clean-shaven. His eyes are pure red, with his pupils marked by a subtle white ring around them. He often manifests with someone that stays directly behind him, acting as a second pair of arms for him and following his every move flawlessly under his control. This person never seems to be the same after he's left and returned, though they always seem to share his level of muscle definition.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Thyme, Bones, Tattoo Flash, Philosophy, Poetry, Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Hematite



Brother Redrooke, Male Loquialle Brother

  • The distant realm holding Terra Primo has no known name, the world seeming to exist between planes. Terra Primo was once a thriving planet home to many different races, arts, religions, and creeds. Over time, humanity found a way to prolong life and imbue psychic and magickal ability onto its race. An experiment to enhance these traits in the already-powered humans led to the creation of the five God-Kings. These God-Kings ruled peacefully for centuries, though over time their minds eroded and they grew mad, now titled the Divine Madness and beloved by none. They have used their abilities to wage endless war amongst themselves, not caring for those who fell to their madness.

    The Loquialle Brotherhood has a single mission: Defend Mankind from the Divine Madness. All brothers are strong-willed magicians who have served under the God-Kings directly, exposed to them often enough that they can channel the unique powers of each God-King and use them to keep a form of order and shield the commonlife that tend to become casualties. While many lower magicians that attempt to channel the Divine Madness become mad themselves, the Brotherhood is trained to handle the God-Kings' powers from before their formation.

    By taking a member of the Brotherhood into your keep, you not only are bringing an excellent protector and guardian to your side, but also an excellent source of knowledge. They tend to be intuitive, even with new forms of magick, and can offer a lot of insight to the workings of your powers, abilities, and rituals. They are also able to offer their own abilities to your aid, especially when it comes to your studies.