TYPE: Potluck
FUNCTION: Cleansing, Meditation, Grounding


NAME: Given by Keeper
RACE: Bubble Koi


APPEARANCE: This companion takes the form of a Showa Koi, its body primarily black with white splotches.  However, it has a shimmering line of gold around each splotch, creating a very elegant pattern on their body.  It is encased in a bubble of crystal clear water.


PERSONALITY: Bubble Koi are very affectionate, often coming to the edge of their water bubble to deliver a quick kiss to your hand or cheek, depending on where they float in relation to you.  Their bubble shifts around them as needed, allowing them to cuddle up to your neck or chest to give a bit of light affection.  They are very devoted companions, rarely leaving their keeper's presence or staying behind.


ABILITIES: Bubble Koi possess a water-based cleansing ability, making the energies around you feel fresh like the world after rainfall.  In a rougher time, energetically and emotionally, this companion brings a cleansing energetic rain to your space, giving you the sensation of phantom raindrops hitting your skin, and sometimes letting you hear the ambience of rainfall when you're meditating.  This can help you ground yourself and "wash away" turbulent emotions and energies that aren't letting you keep your head clear.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Clean Water, Aquarium Pebbles, Ocean Jasper, Blue Agate, Gold Leaf


PREFERRED VESSEL: Gold Sheen Obsidian

Bubble Koi