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Butterfly Sylphs are Fae that are very light in energy. They can often be found in wooded areas, drawn to nature by sheer instinct. They are intuitive companions, able to feel negative energy and intent in seconds of being subjected to new presences. While communication with them can be difficult at times, they have ways of drawing attention to what they need you to see. They are very easy to pick up on, making them excellent companions for a new keeper.


They are small, palm-sized humanoid beings that are translucent. They have opaque black markings along their back and sides that make them appear to be butterflies. Their wings are large and vibrant in most cases, mimicking the markings of the butterflies they fly with.


These small beings can help in drawing your attention to toxic influences. Once you recognize something as toxic, it's far easier to do something about it. They promote growth and change, not only helping you transition to the "something greater" you are meant to be, but also helping through the process and grief that comes with the large transformations awaiting you in your journey.

Butterfly Sylph

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