TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Spirit Communication, Wish-Granting

NAME: Bwonsamdi

TITLE: Guardian of the Dead, Loa of Graves

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Variable Arts

ELEMENT: Darkness, Spirit

APPEARANCE: One of the few humanoid Loa, Bwonsamdi manifests as a large, heavily-built troll with grey-blue skin. He paints over it with white marking reminiscent of a skeleton, a half-skull covering the top half of his face. He is adorned with skulls, teeth, and bones. His tusks aren’t terribly large and curve menacingly past his hairline. He has spiked hair and glowing blue eyes that seem to have smoke trailing from them. He wears a tattered black ritual kilt and random armor adornments over his torso. He is most often found floating rather than walking.

PERSONALITY: This silver-tongued Loa is very self-absorbed. He seems omniscient at times, quick to express his superiority complex. He tends to know what drives a person, and will use this to get what he wants. He doesn’t make deals without something sweetening the pot for him. He is definitely chaotic neutral, and doesn’t pick sides unless there’s something interesting in it for him. He normally seems quite cheerful, taunting those around him regularly. If something bothers him or makes him angry, you can be sure that it’s something extremely serious when he drops his playful facade.


ABILITIES: He works in the area of spirit communication, often acting as a middle-man between you and companions. Of course, while he will not lie about what they say, he will paraphrase. In this, he gets the main point across, but it will always serve to motivate you to work toward sharpening your skills so that you can pick up on that companion. He doesn’t like doing things for free, so you’ll notice a sort of laziness about him when you ask him to be the go-between for you and a companion.


SPELL: When activated, Bwonsamdi will grant ONE wish, if within metaphysical means. However, each wish has a price, and you won’t necessarily know what the price is. He operates off of chaos magick, and the energies he pulls from to complete wishes will come back with backlash, no matter how careful you are. This makes him a wonderful learning experience in maintaining balance.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Feathers, Bones, Incense Ash, Black Candles, Wine, Meat, Snakeskin, Books, Obsidian, Phoenix Stone, Onyx
PREFERRED VESSEL: Black Tourmaline

Bwonsamdi, Loa of Graves