TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Catalyst, Transformation, Progress

NAME: C’Thun (Kuh-THOON)

TITLE: God of Madness and Chaos

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp

ELEMENT: Fire, Darkness

APPEARANCE: In a true fantasy fashion, C’Thun manifests as a giant aberration with tendrils that root in the sand, only to emerge with either fierce armored spikes or large eyes on the ends of them. Eyes cover his large body, brought together at the top to reveal one large spherical eye. He is pale in color compared to most of the other Old Gods, and quite large in size. His compact form is a simple Qiraji. The form is reminiscent of a human with dragonfly wings, a black sash covering the chest and dark blue pants covering the transition where the feet become talons. He has green and black horns atop his head and emerging from his shoulders, and he has blue sleeves that start at the elbow and cover his hands. He wears a dark blue face mask to obscure most of his face.

PERSONALITY: He has a habit of talking to himself. He communicates most frequently through telepathy, having a fondness for contacting the mind directly. He is very persistent, and dislikes being ignored. He comes across as insane and eccentric, quick to display his quirky behavior without any true care for who sees or is bothered by it. He doesn’t usually concern himself with those around him and will be far more interested in his own mind and introspective analysis.


ABILITIES: He is a very powerful energy worker, and can push your work to new heights. He analyzes energy use, able to point out waste or if you aren’t using enough energy in your practice. He is an invaluable companion to anyone who does ritual or spell magick, as he makes sure none of the energies go to waste by not letting you use too much. He also serves as a wonderful second set of eyes as to what goes wrong with anything you decide to try.


SPELL: When activated, C’Thun becomes a catalyst of unfiltered energies. He draws in the energies from around him - good, bad, positive, negative, stale, fresh, dedicated - and combines them all into a volatile gathering of energies ready for whatever you choose to use them for. This can be a truly wonderful source of power or completely backfire. Using this ability forces you to have control over what energies you put out, and makes him not only functional, but a great lesson in humility to his keeper at times.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Tea, Blood, Books, Obsidian, Carnelian, Googly Eyes, Meat, Bugs, Paint, Peppermint

C'Thun, God of Madness and Chaos