EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly
AGE: 829
GENDER: Female
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
SONG RESONANCE: "Heathens/Carousel" (Nightcore)
COMMUNICATION: Telepathy, Images, Shufflemancy, Oracle, Tarot, Pendulum


MANIFESTATIONS: Kookaburra Trilling, Loud Laughter, Warm Touches, Static Cling, Light Orbs


PREFERRED MAGICK: Motivation, Expression


NOTE: "I am LOUD and PROUD! You will never be able to keep your thoughts to yourself with me around, and I'll also help you break into a social situation. Come on, you know you want to! Laughter is important! It heals the soul~!"

Callia, Female Kookaburra Shifter

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  • This style of conjure is a bit similar to the It's a Mystery listing. You will be given limited information as opposed to a full write-up, and will judge from your first impression if they would be a good fit to your home!