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Dungeons and Dragons is big, one of the largest Tabletop RPGs. It has been popping up in my life frequently as of late, and the spirits here have expressed interest in doing something with a D&D theme. Ergo, we decided to create the Campaign Conjure!


You tell us your alignment and class, as well as what you're looking for in alignment, class, and which attribute is more important to you in a companion. The alignment and class you are looking for will be the main determination in race, while the attribute you're looking for will influence their personality (and to a degree, the race).

Campaign Conjure

Write-Up Details
  • Lawful Light|Grey|Dark :: Follows the Rules; Lots of Structure

    Neutral  Light|Grey|Dark :: Lacks Bias; Chooses Sides Based on Fact

    Chaotic Light|Grey|Dark :: Monkey’s Paw; Strong Powers and Influence With Equal and Unexpected Consequence