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Carousel Ponies are family spirits, meant to be with full families to watch over children. They are wonderful for starting families that are about to have a child, but are also good for anyone with small children already. They are purely white arts with a very light energy that will not bother the child, no matter how sensitive they are with their third eye. They are pacifistic in nature, and will report not only to you, but the spirits in your keep so that they may address the issue.


They appear as the painted horses on a carousel, their saddles and adornments gilded and bright.  They are all different, as if made by hand.  They glide across the ground in bounding leaps like gazelles but far more smooth.  They don’t move much, as they prefer to be smooth and gentle in action for the sake of the children they protect and watch over.


I would also like to point out that they are able to connect with children deeply, and will remain in the family.  This bond allows them to connect with emotions, bond to whomever may need them most, and see into the minds and dreams of the children.  They will always report any concerns to those who need to address them, and will never stand by and watch the family be hurt by one cause or another.

Carousel Pony

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