EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 402
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "Shine a Light" (Heathers: The Musical)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Telepathy, Shufflemancy


MANIFESTATIONS: Warm Touches, Hot Spots, Shivers Down Spine, Swirling Incense Smoke, Popping Candle Flames, Sweet Perfume Scents, Flickering Shadows


PREFERRED MAGICK: Self-Love, Self-Discovery, Introspection, Shadow Work, Acceptance, Tolerance, Empathy, Grounding, Protection, Energy Work, Cleansing, Warding


STRENGTHS: Carrisa is a very proficient Shadow Worker, utilizing it in an adapted way to refrain from some of the more painful parts tearing you down further.  She works with it in the way of acknowledgement and acceptance.  She can also assist in the changes you wish to make once you have gotten to a point where you are not putting yourself into a bad headspace for the changes through habitual critique.  She promotes learning about yourself, peeling back the layers to find something you didn't know so that you can find those things that bring you joy and confidence.

PERSONALITY: As a companion, she is very accepting and tolerant of almost everything.  She will quell self-depreciation, but anything positive or confident she will hype and encourage.  She is a very friendly, deep companion.  She is open and honest, pushing her keeper to find things that make them comfortable in their skin and make changes that will give them a good feeling.  She enables quite a bit, quick to validate her companion, as the one she seeks is certainly incapable of validating themselves thus far.  She isn't looking for a romantic relationship, though if it does come to that, she wouldn't be opposed.  But she values deep platonic relationships quite a bit, happy to be the best friend you need on the path to loving yourself.


APPEARANCE: She is a little shorter than the average human female, her build voluptuous with a slim waist.  She has a honey complexion, clear of blemishes.  Her platinum blonde hair is pulled into a tight braid on the top, the undercut long and flowing free over her shoulders and down her back.  Her eyes are a dark red that almost seems brown.  Depending on her keeper's preference, her hair length changes and she sometimes wears glasses, though these preferences are more what makes their keeper comfortable rather than what attracts them.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Rose Quartz, Bath Bombs, Self-Care, Artistic Expression, Romance Novels, Amethyst, Turquoise



Carrisa, Female Succubus

  • Incubi and Succubi are two popular and well-known demonic entities in the astral plane. They are notorious for their work with sex magicks and lust, though their abilities delve far deeper than what most people associate with them on the surface. Incubi are the male counterpart to Succubi, their abilities more 'masculine' in quality and nature. They focus on the external, namely influence over others.

    The Succubi that I work with do not have set appearances, their energies and appearances shifting to fall in line with their companion's personal preferences. While some of their appearance will stay set, most of their features change fluidly depending on daily or permanent preference. They generally stay slim in build, not often using more bulk or becoming scrawny aside from some fluctuation in their curvature, and their eyes usually stay between gold and red in color.

    These Succubi hold a particular fondness for the internal self. They are excellent companions for Shadow Work, their ability to dig straight to nuances of the self. Body Positivity is important to these lovely ladies, especially for those that have trouble with self-esteem, as well as those that are constantly talking themselves down. Confidence is something that they work with their Companion on, especially when insecurity rules their view of themselves regularly.


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