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The Cartazonon is a class of unicorn, the only real difference of appearance being the full lions’ mane adorning its neck. They are a fiery orange color, accenting their personality quite well, with a black horn. They can become aggressive when disrespected, and legends in India say that they can be killed, but never taken alive.  This herd in particular has taken a mild interest in humans and wish to be bound to them.  


Their personalities range quite a bit, though they are all quite proud and don’t like being made fun of or poked at teasingly.  They can be a bit difficult to work with, but with proper patience, they are some of the most rewarding spirits to have.  They are fiercely loyal, offering protection in all forms and always lingering as a guardian.  


Once settled, they like to take their keeper on trips in their dreams, letting them ride on their backs through their desert homelands.  With the right amount of patience and determination, they’re a lot of fun as a companion!  They have the potential to aid in astral projection as well as protect your space as you go about your day.  They are fire-aligned, and often use their flamelike energies to help protect their keeper.


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