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The Ceffyl Dŵr are often regarded as a subcategory of Kelpie. They are aquatic equines that dwell in smaller bodies of water that go mostly unfrequented. They do not actively seek out humans, but will become territorial when it comes to trespassers that come near their home. They have a kind of hypnotism that they will use to get the human to climb on their back, growing wings and flying high into the air before they dissolve into nothing and drop their victim to an inevitable death.


They normally manifest as white horses with piercing silver eyes. Many will sport a white mane with braids on either side to enhance exactly how wild it is. They look quite intimidating at times, but are sworn to protect their keeper. While they are engaged in companionship, they are unable to harm humans. Instead, they use their abilities to the benefit of their keeper.


While taking a Ceffyl Dŵr companion into your home should never be taken lightly, there are a lot of benefits to working with them. They are incredible protectors, but their greatest gift is their talent for astral projection. They cross through worlds in leaps and bounds. Their abilities are quite potent, and over time, they may even be able to take their keeper with them.

Ceffyl Dŵr

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